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How to know what size picture frame you need

How to Make Picture Frames - Updated

A mat enhances a finished work of art or photograph helping to frame the work. A double or triple mat adds extra flair to the presentation of the piece. You can purchase mat board in multiple colors at some arts and craft stores, most art supply stores and online.

Choose a piece of art or photography to be matted. Choose a frame type. The frame size will be determined based on the calculations of the finished matted art. Choose the color or colors of mat that match or complement the art work and the frame. To calculate the mat, use the inner measurement of the frame for the outer measurement of the mat. It is best to cut the mat proportional to the frame. Most mats are at least 2 inches wide and not more than 4 inches wide.

If you have an 8-inch by inch photo and you want a mat that is approximately 4 inches wide, you will want a by inch frame. Some frame stores may carry a by inch frame, however this mat makes the frame custom. To figure the mat starting from a standard frame size, make the outer mat the size of the frame.

For example, a by inch frame would need an outer mat that is 16 by You may have to play with the numbers to get an agreeable proportion between the available frames and your art work.

how to know what size picture frame you need

This is a trick artists and galleries use when preparing art for display. You can use these rules to figure out the size of pre-cut mats from a store. There is a very limited range of sizes.

Picture Light Size Calculator

COM and other websites since Eshbaugh is a published haiku author. By: Ruth Eshbaugh Updated April 12, Share It. Things You'll Need. About the Author. Photo Credits.The most important part of framing a picture is the measuring. If you do not know how to measure a picture frame properly you will not select the correct size product. We have given you a brief description of how Frame USA measures picture frames and mats so that you may properly choose which products are the best for you.

All of our frames are measured by the inside dimensions. For example, if you have a 4x6 image, you will want to order a 4x6 frame. A frame's dimensions refer to the size of its opening. It is a common mistake to think the dimensions are the width and height of its outside edges. However, you want to measure the inside edge. For example, if you have a 4x6 image, you should order a 4x6 frame regardless of how much bigger than that the frame may be from outside to outside edge.

how to know what size picture frame you need

Some frame styles will overlap the edges of an image more than others. Please refer to the moulding profile drawings on the wood and metal pages for more details. The size of the photograph in the following example is 5x8, which is not one of our standard sizes. There are two options to choose if you too have this problem. You can order a custom size frameor order a larger standard size frame with a mat cut to make up the difference.

When you are ordering your mat the opening size needs to be slightly smaller than your image size so that your image sits nicely below the mat.

You will need to determine how wide of a mat you will need in order for it to fit into a standard size. For a 5x8 image adding 2 inches all the way around mean that the outside mat size is 9x12, the outer mat size is also the size of the readymade frame that needs to be purchased. For more information about our mat selection. I mainly use them for the Art Shows which are fund raisers in some local rehab hospitals.

So far, I have used them in about 30 pictures, usually 20x Thank you. It was packed very very well and it came in excellent condition. Thank you so much for ALL your help throughout this whole ordeal.

how to know what size picture frame you need

I appreciate everything you have done. I will pass the word along to friends about your online site and your great prices and customer service. I shall continue to be a customer of yours and will refer everyone I know to your company.We're sorry, but our website needs JavaScript enabled to help you customize and purchase the perfect frame.

If you cannot enable JavaScript, we recommend using a different browser or device. If you need assistance, please contact us at As a company that can create over a million different picture frame sizes, we realize how many varying pieces of art and photographs there are. But, believe it or not, there is generally a method to all of the sizing madness.

While there are many differences between standard-sized frames and custom-sized picture framessizing is the main one: does your art conform to a widely accepted, readily available size, or do you need something more unique? But what dictates standard sizes versus custom ones? Who is behind this standardization in the first place? The ISO is the International Organization for Standardizationand there are only two countries that have not officially adopted their system: Canada and America. Here in the U.

The biggest difference between the American and ISO classifications is their respective methods of measuring:. With American measurements, there are three different classifications.

You might even have a stack of it in your house in the form of computer paper. This system is based around the U. The sizes get larger from there. There is also the ARCH system, which was developed specifically for architectural use. American system aside, the ISO develops the standardized practices common amongst most other countries. The ISO also covers paper sizingwhich has become the standard for how most companies sell prints — at least in foreign countries.

Since most countries use the metric system, sizes will often be in mm or cm rather than inches. If you have a print or poster that has measurements in mm or cm, you can use our handy calculator to convert to inches as all of our measurements here at Frame It Easy use inches.

The ISO, however, has a few different series within their paper classification system, which would probably be good to go over, just so you have a general overview. The most common paper size in the world is even one designated by this classification system. More on that in a bit!

For those curious, mm X 1,mm equals The subsequent sizes of the A series are determined by simply folding the A0 size in half; the A1 measurements are half of the A0. The same is true for A2 and A1. Fun fact: The A4 size is the most commonly used in the world. Despite this, it is not even in our top most ordered frame sizes. This just shows how uncommon these measurements can be in the United States!

The B series is the same idea as its A counterpart — same format and incremental descent, with different measurements.For quick reference to common standard photo mat board and picture frame sizes please see the sizing guide found at the bottom of this page. This provides a surface to which the work can be taped or glued. If you need other sizing options, you can easily create just about any custom sized picture mat by using the custom feature found on any of the bulk mat board pages found on the main menu under MAT BOARDS.

The outside dimensions is the measurement of the outer most edge of the mat board and is the size of picture frame you would need if framing it or the size of the matching Clear Bag.

In this example the outside dimensions is 16x Besides our many common mat board frames sizes we also cut custom picture matting from 4x6 inches up to 32x40 inches and any window size between.

How To Select the Right Size for Your Mat Board

While creating a custom window size can give you just the right look for your art we recomend maintaining a standard outer dimension frame size if you are reselling your matted prints.

The allows your customers to easily find a frame that will fit without the cost of a custom frame shop. What ever your preference, we got you covered. Different pieces of art require different grades of mat board. Backing boards or mounting boards go behind the piece of art to offer support to the picture mat board and the art as well as giving a finished look by covering over any tape or other hinging used to mount the print. REDIMAT offers an extensive variety of sizes in foam core archival acid-free or standard craft grademuseum grade rag and economy acid-free boards.

Also, available in solid black mounting boards, and black foam boards. Redimat recommends using foam core boards for larger prints over 20x24 for more support. Clear Bags are the standard for packaging your matted prints for resale. Clear Bags come in a whide selection of sizes to fit most any matting project. Choose from Body Closure style pkg or Tradition Style 25pkg and pkg. From any of the bulk mat board material pages you will find a quick reference pricing guide.

Buy more and save. Order online Or call us at: Toll Free: Fax: sales redimat.Framed photos complete a home and make it feel more welcoming. Whether you are moving into a new space and looking to make it yours or just ready to revamp you current home, framed photos are your solution. The beauty of framed photos is that you can personalize them to your style. Do you like a rustic farmhouse feel? Try using natural wooden frames. Would you rather have a sleek modern look?

Frame your print with a classic black frame and white matte. Choosing a frame style is the first step, next you need to make sure the picture will fit. Simply keep in mind what size your photos are and match them to the correct picture frame sizes. There are a few sizes that are the most common when it comes to photo prints.

The Complete Guide to the Picture Framing Process

When you are designing a wallyou are most likely working with these sizes. Working with popular print sizes makes it easier to find the correct frame in the style you want. This size is also what most photo albums use. How much larger depends on how much matting you want to include. This size is preferred if your photo has a person as the focus.

If you are hanging graduation photos in the hall, this is most likely the size you would use. If you are working with a large wall as your canvas, you might consider creating a gallery wall to create visual interest.

To do this try using one big photo from the common sizes below and then fill in the space around it with the smaller picture frame sizes. If you are using a photo this size, make sure the resolution is excellent. This size print is sure to be the center of attention in your space. Pick something big and impactful to frame, like a landscape or photo of the ocean. Try using a frame that is the same size as the print instead to keep it to a manageable size. When trying to find the perfect frame, first consider the space you have to work with.

If you are redesigning the space above a desk you will have different parameters to work with compared to a living room wall. For a confined space you need to decide if you want to include many small photos or a few larger ones. Consider the type of photo you are planning to hang in the space.

On the other hand, a simple scene with only one focus can be placed in a thicker, more intricate frame. Matting will affect the frame size you decide on. There are also many different colors and textures you can choose from. A smaller photo with a thick matting will need a bigger frame. Make sure to take into account how much matting you want to show when choosing a frame.

If you are going to a store to pick out your frame, bring the print or a copy of it with you. If it is a poster size you can just take a photo of it and take that along. Holding the photo up next to the frame will help you decide on which frame style you like best. Before you leave the house, measure the space you are planning to hang the photo. Measure the matting that you want to frame the photo in.

Lastly, measure the frames in the store to make sure they will fit in your home and that the matting will fit properly.

Sometimes the sizes are stated on the frame, but often times we are left to figure it out on our own.We're sorry, but our website needs JavaScript enabled to help you customize and purchase the perfect frame.

If you cannot enable JavaScript, we recommend using a different browser or device. If you need assistance, please contact us at Read More. The complete guide to understanding picture frames and which ones will best fit your photos and art when ordering frames online.

With all the mathematical nuances and abundance of aesthetic choices, it can be difficult to know which option is best. Also, you will get our weekly newsletter that includes informational content and special offers on our custom frames. If you have something trivial or unimportant that can be cut to size, or only needs to be temporarily framed, your best bet might be to purchase a stock, standard size frame at almost any major retailer.

Speaking of size, making sure your art is measured correctly is probably the most important step in the framing process. If your measurements are off, the entire frame will be off, so accuracy is key. For digital art and photos you need printed, you generally have some flexibility on what size you want it to be.

The higher resolution the image, the bigger you can have it printed without losing quality. Here at Frame It Easywe can print any digital photos or art, which means your frame will arrive ready to hang! We use a wide format, professional grade photo printer that can print up to x DPI. We also use archival ink on premium semi-matte photo paper, which is heavy and sturdy, and has a very slight, satin-like sheen to it.

For more information on sizing digital art, check out our blog post, How to Format Photos for Online Framing and Matting. Note: As mentioned earler, the thickness and size of your art may affect the frame styles that are available, which is why those things are important to note first. Wood and metal are the main two materials you should consider when choosing a picture frame.

For wood frames — the most traditional material option — they would likely be either of the following:. Medium density fiberboard — MDF — is one of the more affordable options. Since it is a recycled wood material, made of what is essentially sawdust compressed with some type of binder and wrapped for a uniform finish, it is often the most ecological choice.

Finger-jointed poplar tends to be the best middle ground between solid wood and MDF. Here at Frame It Easywe offer both finger-jointed poplar and natural wood. The poplar is an eco-friendly approach which allows us to ship a sturdy, high-quality, consistently colored wood frames without requiring any additional trees to be cut down! The natural wood is either stained or painted, and can have varying grain patterns courtesy of Mother Nature. Most metal frames are made from aluminuma lightweight material that can be extruded, molded, and colored.

Here at Frame It Easywe offer a variety of metal frames that vary in color, thickness, and style. Finally, the aluminum is either anodized or powder coated, converting the surface of the material into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish, meaning these frame rails are extremely rigid and high-quality. For more information on our wood and metal picture frames, check out the Frame Styles page. It can complement or contrast a color in your piece that you want to stand out, or it can simply give your display an elegant dynamic.

The addition of a matboard would make the overall dimensions of your frame larger, as the opening of your matting would then become the window through which you view your art. Simply enter the exact size of your art, and we will take care of the math!

Remember that when framing, everything is doubled; two measurements account for four sides. The cover is another key part of any frame, as this is what allows you to view your special art inside! Just as the backing should protect your art, the cover should, too.

Covers for frames are typically made of one of two types of material — glass or acrylic. Glass is probably the most traditional frame cover choice, though it is also the most fragile.If you take pictures, then understanding picture frame sizes will be a snap. Picture Frames come in a huge selection of sizes but they are generally categorized into standard and non-standard sizes. Standard means that the sizes are more common and are commonly typical photo sizes. So, anytime you hear standard frame size, you really should be thinking about the size of your picture.

How to Make a Custom DIY Picture Frame

Frame sizes are measured in inches in the US and centimeters in most other parts of the world. The standard way to measure picture frames is by measuring width by height. So, if you have a 4x6 horizontal photo then the frame size would be a 6x4. However, if you had a 4x6 photo that was taken in the vertical direction then the frame size could be EITHER a 6x4 frame or a 4x6 frame that could be used vertically.

A good rule of thumb is that 6x4 frames can only be used horizontally while 4x6 frames can generally go either horizontal or vertical. Just remember that the frame size is intended to represent the size of the picture NOT the exterior size of the frame.

So, if you ever wanted to measure a frame to see if it was the right size measure the inside dimension of the opening not the outside dimensions of the frame. Keep in mind that the frame will always be a little smaller than your actual image. The only way to measure the opening exactly is by opening up the frame and removing the back so you can measure the size of the glass. So before you buy a frame always pay attention to whether the frame can be used both vertically or horizontally.

Often times, you will find a frame that can only be used in one direction. You can spot these frames a couple of different ways. One way is because of the frame shape. Another way is to look for any decorations on the frame that imply the frame has to sit in one direction. For example imagine a pewter picture frame with giraffes on it. And the last thing to look at is the back of the frame.

Double picture frames have two identical openings that normally fit two 2. Triple picture frameson the other hand, have three openings and normally fit three 2. And lastly there is the multi picture frame. Multi picture frames have multiple openings or windows in them and are often called collage picture frames. They normally are hung as wall frames because of their size and allow for a wide selection of different pictures sizes to be displayed. If you have a lot of smaller pictures and one them to all fit in one large picture frame then you definitely want a collage frame.

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